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We are excited to announce the launch of a special “Force Science Presents…” Fall Speakers Series, designed to give the law enforcement community access to some of the most compelling and knowledgeable experts in the world.

Our next event features two nationally recognized law enforcement social media strategists Captain Chris Hsiung and Social Media/PR Coordinator Katie Nelson.

As we open our doors to the community, we hope you’ll join us for thought-provoking research, discussions and life-changing case studies you won’t find anywhere else.


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Capt. Chris Hsiung

Investigations & Special Operations Division / Digital Engagement - Mountain View Police Department
Katie Nelson

Katie Nelson

Social Media + Public Relations Coordinator


Social Media for Law Enforcement

November 6, 2018

8:30 AM - 3:30 PM CT

Chicago, IL

Surviving Law Enforcement’s Journey into the Online Abyss

Social Media Strategies for Strengthening Community Trust, Crisis Communications & Departmental Image

Presented by Captain Chris Hsiung and Katie Nelson.

Social media can be annoying if not downright scary, but radio silence online can be literally devastating! If your agency isn’t socially networking with your community, you’re missing priceless positive-impact opportunities and opening yourself to a potential wave of hard-to-control image problems. Force Science proudly welcomes nationally recognized law enforcement social media strategists Capt. Chris Hsiung and Social Media/PR Coordinator Katie Nelson from Mountain View (CA) PD – an agency well known for its revolutionary social media efforts – who will share expert advice on leveraging social media platforms to the benefit of your agency, your officers and your community. It’s easier than you think and more valuable than you could have imagined! Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • Step-by-step strategies for launching, enhancing and maintaining your department’s online presence.

  • Details of social media success stories & how you can benefit from other agencies’ online accomplishments.

  • Tips on posting: What to share, what not to share and why.

  • A unique look at media and civilian perceptions of departmental “personalities” online and tips for ensuring that yours is positive, productive and persuasive.

  • A practical analysis of current social media platforms and advice on which make sense for law enforcement.

  • Effective defense strategies for swiftly dealing with negative online attacks.

  • Critical advice on timing the release of information and commentary on social media after high-impact events.

  • Advice on creating and maintaining a consistent “agency voice” online and why that’s critically important.

Come learn from expert-level, police-specific social media pros who will show you how a strategic online presence can bolster a positive image for your agency, preempt negative knee-jerk responses to force events and protect officers & the department from online – and even on-the-street – attacks.



Last Talk is November 6, 2018

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Chris Hsiung & Katie Nelson
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Surviving Law Enforcement’s Journey into the Online Abyss

November 6, 2018

Chicago, IL

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